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Custom Systems as a Service

The easiest way to build a system that works for you.

Custom software development is often desirable but cost-prohibitive for many organizations. The upfront cost of these projects is a hurdle that keeps poorly supported and outdated systems in use long past their prime because the cost of redevelopment is rarely justified. The risk of a delivered project failing to meet expectations is significant, oversights are common, and modifying custom software is expensive.

Wednesday Information Systems aims to avoid these issues entirely by offering Custom Systems as a Service.

Like other Software as a Service business models, we mitigate the upfront cost of software development entirely. What's unique is our focus on systems that require exceptional ongoing support as we aim to mitigate ongoing costs as well - making our pricing attractive in the long-term as well as the short.

No Upfront Cost

Includes Managed Server

Includes Support

Includes Ongoing Dev Time

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What types of systems can you build?
We have experience with a wide variety of custom projects. Features and technologies we commonly work with include web-based systems, mobile devices, barcode, RFID, inventory, asset tracking, route accounting, document generation, and signature capture. If you'd like to tell us what you have in mind we'd love to talk to you about it.
What if I need to make changes?
Our service includes a monthly allowance of development time you can use toward modifications or additions. You can bank this allowance for up to three months to get larger features at no additional cost.
How much does it cost?
Our service starts at $300 per month and varies with the complexity and scale of your system. There is no upfront cost and no monthly fee until a viable product is online and accepted.

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