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Inventory Barcode Scanner Rentals

From $25 per day, Free Delivery in Calgary

Low cost time savings for physical inventory counts.

Inventory Barcode Scanner

Barcoding can be a massive improvement to your physical inventory counts but it isn't always cost-effective to buy your own equipment. Quality mobile devices can cost thousands of dollars each and often go unused much of the year.

Renting barcode scanners for your year-end or quarterly inventory counts is an easy way to increase efficiency and accuracy at the lowest possible cost.

As low as $25/day
As low as $25/day

Free Delivery in Calgary
Free Delivery in Calgary

Label Printing Available
Label Printing Available

Software Customization Available
Software Customization Available

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Do I need my own software to rent a scanner?
No, we preload easy-to-use inventory count software on every unit. Where available, we also include your data and settings.
What file formats are supported?
The included count app exports to Excel, CSV, and text. Other formats available upon request.
How do I get my data when I'm finished counting?
With WiFi access, your count data is available online as soon as you're finished counting. The exported files may also be found by browsing the device over a USB connection from a Windows PC.

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